Academy Schools

Holland Park Kwoon (Queensland, Australia)

The Holland Park Kwoon offers classes 3 times weekly: Mon and Wed 7-8.30pm and Sat mornings 9-10.30am .

Gradings for all branches are conducted in April, August and December at the Holland Park Kwoon.


Holland Park High School
Bapaume Road
Holland Park .


Take the entrance into the school with the "Holland Park High" blue signs near the gate. Parking is available in the car park in front of the Admin Build (School Office).

Classes occur in the Hall. The Hall is the large building 20m from the school entrance with "Holland Park High" above the entrance.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to class time.

The branch has been operating at its current premises since 1991. At least two qualified instructors are always present to assist new students.

Sifu Ian Protheroe was born in England in 1954 and has been involved in the study of Martial Arts for most of his life. Since immigrating to Australia in 1960 he has become one of the country’s most respected instructors.

A respected author and teacher, he has featured in numerous Martial Arts publications and conducts seminar workshops for various groups throughout Australasia. He currently oversees his schools in Australia and New Zealand and instructs, on a private basis, students who wish to improve their lives through the study of Kung Fu.

For further information please feel free to contact Sifu Protheroe directly on 0437-839-792 or email,

Chi sao at academy
Chi sao at academy
Wooden dummy training at academy
Holland Park Kwoon

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