Queensland Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy

The Academy was founded by Sifu Ian Protheroe on 22nd October, 1986(BN 2969713) to pass on the traditional teachings of Wing Chun. The training structure consists of 10 levels to cover the open hand forms, wooden dummy set, Chi-Sao and combat application of all techniques. Gradings are conducted three times per year with both minimum lesson requirements and competency at the particular level necessary before the student may apply for grading.

Most students train three times per week, supplementing their class training with private lessons from Sifu Ian Protheroe.

The syllabus structure is as follows:

Year 1 Sil Lim Tao form and application
Year 2 Advanced SLT and Chum Kil forms, Chi-Sao, Entry techniques and combat application. Muk Yan Jong and sparring.
Year 3 Bil Jee Form, Muk Yan Jong, Combat application and sparring.

Although the 10 levels of the system can theoretically be covered in 3 1/2 years, most senior students elect to stop gradings at around level 8, and generally train 4 - 4 1/2 years before completing level 10.

In many schools students are encouraged to "go through" the system as fast as possible so that they can open branches and subsequently increase the revenue to the main school and the Instructor.

At the Academy this is not the case. Most students are interested only in the art and are satisfied with training to perfect their skills. Sifu Ian Protheroe has never pushed a student to open a branch as he feels the quality of the student will reflect the quality of the instructor. Teachers are born not bred. Being a good practitioner does not necessarily make a good teacher.

The main kwoon for private students is situated in Camp Hill, 5 klms south-east of Queensland's capital city, Brisbane. Private lessons are Monday to Friday 7.30am to 6pm with a one hour break at 12 noon for lunch.

Classes are held three times a week. Saturday are at Holland Park, approximately 8klms from Brisbane. Monday and Wednesday classes are held at the Camp Hill Kwoon. Class sizes average 10 to 20 students with Sifu Ian Protheroe overseeing every class. There are always at least two other trainee instructors present and one other qualified instructor.
Classes start with a 15 minute warm-up (not wear-out). The whole group then practices Sil Lim Tao form, footwork, basic arm positions and punching.

The class is then separated into graded groups and the students are paired off to train the techniques specified on the night. Formalised lesson plans are strictly adhered to for each of the respective grades to ensure competency at each level.

After the level 10 grading, the traditional weapons of Wing Chun are taught.

These are Bart Jarm Dao and Dragon Pole. Careful attention is placed on both form and application. A structured syllabus for weapons ensures the practical application, attention to detail and appreciation of the historical aspects of weapons training are understood.
Since 1986 the ratio of people attaining the level 10 rank to students who commence training is 1:60. Most students average training time is 3 years however there are many students who have been training at the Academy for over 20 years.

Students are required to keep a formatted training diary recording all material covered. This is supplemented by manuals on the open hand forms supplied by the Academy.

Uniforms are compulsory for all students. Traditional Chinese black pants, shoes, black sash, white socks and white T-Shirt with the Academy logo are worn at every class.

Grading bars (9) are fixed to the black sash as they are achieved with Level 10 students wearing a gold sash.

For more information about the QWCKFA grading structure go to the Classical Wing Chun icon. The International Grading System is set out in greater detail.