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Chung Chi Wing Chun Kuen Philosophy

"Honour and show respect for the past generation and acknowledge family renewal through the younger generation".

The philosophy of the Academy is contained within the pledge. The attributes of respect, honesty, loyalty and integrity are paramount.

As one enters the kwoon, one bows signifying the accepted responsibility of adhering to these tenets both in and outside the kwoon.

Strive to improve in all aspects of life, this is the way, this is the Tao.

Respect cannot be demanded, it must be earned.
There are many kinds of respect, that of skill,
maturity, authority and the most important, integrity.
If your actions are those which command respect,
you in turn will receive respect.

Ian Protheroe with butterfly swords
Chung Chi Wing Chun Kuen

About Chung Chi Wing Chun Kuen

When I started training in Wing Chun I made a pledge to teach the Traditional/Classical system for 20 years, this pledge I have honoured.

Over the past 15 years I been concurrently developing my own personal system I have named Chung Chi Wing Chun Kuen.

The Chinese name, Chung Chi was given to me by my Sifu Cheung Chuk Hing (William Cheung) when I was made an inner circle student and member of the Traditional Wing Chun family.

I am a firm believer in tradition but recognize and live by the motto:

"From tradition comes innovation, from innovation comes style".

Through my research, teaching and constant practice I have developed a particular "style" of my own, I feel the time is right to share and pass it on to a carefully selected group of disciples. This has always been the traditional method of knowledge transmission in Wing Chun.

Two decades ago I invited a well known Wing Chun Master to sit in on a grading I was conducting for a number of my senior students.

After watching the grading he remarked to me that I had successfully integrated my Wing Chun with the Japanese Art of Aikido! This statement astonished me as I had never even seen an Aikido class and really knew nothing about this famous martial art.

Upon further investigation and meetings with Aikido Sensei I realized that I had developed a circular and more internal method in my approach to Wing Chun based on energy flow and biomechanics rather than the copying of a specific style. This was quite a revelation for me and from that moment I looked at my "style" from a different perspective.

On reflection I realized that I owed my initial change of view from Wing Chun being a hard, external style to a softer more internal one to my meeting with Master Tsui Shong Tin in Hong Kong in 1990. Master Tsui was the third student of Grandmaster Yip Man after he moved to Hong Kong in 1959, I believe him to be a very advanced martial artist and person.

Master Tsui effortlessly dissolved my attacks with a soft style technique that I had never experienced before.

I believe that this initial humbling and enlightening experience changed my focus and was entirely responsible for my future path in Wing Chun. At this time I started to explore other mainland China family interpretations of our system.

The circular nature of my Wing Chun continued to develop from that moment on, it is this method that I teach today and pass on to my students.

The syllabus is challenging and comprehensive, covering much of the older, seldom seen mainland methods of training in the Wing Chun system and training drills I have developed over the past two decades.

While students should be fluent in the Classical Wing Chun system (CWC) before advancing to the Chung Chi Wing Chun Kuen, it is not necessary to have completed the whole grading system to Level Ten; however the Chum Kil, Bil Jee and Bart jarm dao forms, along with all aspects of C.W.C. are covered in detail with all disciples.

Only when a student has completed the equivalent of Level Five in CWC (minimum 3 years) and has demonstrated a high and consistent level of skill matched with the Kung Fu values of honesty, loyalty, and integrity, will they be permitted to study this advanced system.

Admittance is strictly by invitation only, making it a truly traditional 'Closed Door' school.

No physically displayed grading ranks are used in CCWCK.

The traditional Chinese system of dedication, time spent training and advanced skill level is the only basis for seniority.

At the Chung Chi Wing Chun Kuen Academy all members pledge to and abide by the rules of conduct laid out by the Ving Tsun Athletic Association.

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The Wing Chun Rules of Conduct.

(Translation from the Ving Tsun Athletic Association headquarters plaque, Hong Kong)

  1. Obey and appreciate the role of Kung Fu spirit. Conduct yourself ethically.

  2. Respect all human beings and be patriotic. Practice courtesy and righteousness.

  3. Love thy classmates, hold hands together and heads high. Be united, avoid conflicts.

  4. Restrain from bodily pleasure and conservation. Keep the proper martial art spirit.

  5. Constantly refine and maintain your skills. Practice and improve your level.

  6. Learn to enrich your soul and avoid unnecessary conflict. Learn spiritual tranquillity, avoid arguments.

  7. Be humble and treat matters in a harmonious manner. Be conservative and gentle in your affairs.

  8. Be kind to the weak, young and elderly by showing good faith. Use your skills for humanity.

  9. Brighten and preserve what the ancestors have shown you. Pass on the tradition, Art and rules of conduct.

Chung Chi Wing Chun Kuen Classes

The Queensland Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy headquarters is situated in Camp Hill, Brisbane (5klms from the CBD).

Private lessons are held from 7.15am-5.30pm Mon-Fri, on the hour, every hour.

All lesson times are currently filled with long term students so you must be put on a waiting list should you require private tuition.

Occasionally a student may miss a class due to illness or other outside commitments. With the number of private students taught per week there are usually one or two spots available per week.

24 hours notice of cancellation must be given to enable a "drop in" lesson to be arranged, if this notice is not given then the normal lesson fee applies.

Please call between 7 and 7.15am Monday mornings to check any available times for a private lesson. To do so please contact Sifu Ian Protheroe directly on 0437-839-792

Wing Chun academy HQ with wooden dummies
Wing chun academy training area
Academy HQ

Sifu Ian Protheroe two on one sparring 1992

Sifu Ian Protheroe two on one sparring 1992.

Sifu Ian Protheroe Saam Sing Jong Seminar 2010.

Sifu Ian Protheroe Chung Chi Wing Chun Kuen 2011.