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Ashburton Kwoon (New Zealand, South Island)

Ray Solomon is the Senior Instructor, overseeing classes at the New Zealand chapter of Sifu Ian Protheroe's Classical Wing Chun system.

A former prop for the mid Canterbury rugby team, the 100kg+ towering figure of Sifu Ray is as imposing as his skill level.

Ray commenced his Wing Chun training in New Zealand in 1987; his quest for further knowledge led him across the Tasman to Australia. He commenced training under Sifu Protheroe in 1991, achieving “Instructor Level” in 1997.

In 1999 he arrived back in New Zealand to open his own school teaching Sifu Protheroe's system of Wing Chun. Over the years he has developed a close knit group of students dedicated to the perfection of the Art.

Ray nurtures a family atmosphere among his students; their skill level is immediately recognizable and their friendliness apparent from first contact.

For details regarding classes, Ray may be contacted by telephone on (001164) 3302 3754, fax on (001564) 3302 3086 or email at

Ray Solomon
Sifu Ray Solomon