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Wicked Bodies

Sifu Ian Protheroe with actresses Anna Yen (Chinese Takeaway, Cravings, After China, Iceberg Cafe) and Larisa Chen (The Odyssey, Monkey: Journey to the West, Cybergirl, The Sleepover Club) at the opening night of 'Wicked Bodies' a major production at the La Boite Theatre in Brisbane, Australia.

Sifu Protheroe choreographed the double fan set for the performance.

Box Office Weekly review of the Arts critic Dan Evans wrote:

'Kudos should be extended to Sifu Ian Protheroe, who was in charge of the martial arts fan choreography, which provided some truly beautiful moments.'

Anna Yen kicking with the right and a fan in the left.
Anna Yen in stance with a fan in the left hand.
Anna Yen kneeling with two fans.
Anna Yen rehearsing at the Academy HQ